Thursday, August 23, 2018

Some preliminary analysis of the Texas salary-by-major data.

I did a slightly deeper dive into data about the salaries by college majors while working on my new Atlantic article on the humanities crisis. As I say there, the quality of data about salaries by college major has improved dramatically in the last 8 years. I linked to others' analysis of the ACS data rather than run my own, but I did some preliminary exploration of salary stuff that may be useful to see.

That all this salary data exists is, in certain ways, a bad thing--it reflects the ongoing drive to view college majors purely through return on income, without even a halfhearted attempt to make the results valid. (Randomly assign students into college majors and look at their incomes, and we'd be talking; but it's flabbergasting that anyone thinks that business majors often make more than English majors because their education prepared them to, rather than that the people who major in business, you know, care more about money than English majors do.